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// (DEV-TIP) Magento development environment: Reload images from CMS and products from remote server.


In the local development environment, all images from the live environment are usually missing. With a small hack you can solve this problem.

// What is being a manager all about?


As a software developer, you may find yourself facing the decision at some point in your career whether or not to become a manager. While the role of a manager can be rewarding and fulfilling, it is important to keep in mind that it can also be more challenging than you may think. In this post, I will share my perspective on why being a manager may be harder than it appears.

// (DEV-TIP) Debugging Racing Conditions in Magento In JavaScript


Racing conditions are hard to debug because they often cannot be recreated consistently. Here is how I tackled one of those cases.

// (DEV-TIP) Optimize a large amount of images on the command line.


An oneliner can be used to easily optimize large image data on the command line.

// (DEV-TIP) Verifying Data From an ElasticSearch Instance Working With Magento 2


With a few simple curl calls in a bash, data can be extracted from an ElasticSearch instance.

// (MANAGEMENT-TIP) Strategies for the getting the most out of developer job interviews


I did more job interviews than I am able to recall. Here is a list of things I that helped me find the right candidates.

// (DEV-TIP) Deleting all tables in a mySQL database


A little while back I needed to reset a database and I did not want to mess with the uses and access rights. So, I made a script that gets rid of all content in the database.